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Posted on May 19, 2016

This post went live on May 19, 2016. In the past several days, Central Florida has experienced torrential downpour of rain accompanied by severe lightning. Many might recall the song “April Showers”, but the reality is that we have very unusual weather patterns lately and all the rules for what weather to expect and when are essentially being thrown out the door.


Many who have lived in Central Florida over the recent years has seen a number of situations where there was local flooding. The following image is representative of flooding that occurred in 2008 and Sanford experienced problems where homes were evacuated and water levels did not return to normal for weeks.

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Accuweather is a great source for many and as you can see by the following calendars for both June 2016 and July 2016, we can expect a lot of rain and what they determine to be storms or thunderstorms.


Bad Weather Ahead - Water Damage - Extraction Services Reconstruction - ESR - Emergency Services June Calendar

The ESR ( Emergency Services Reconstruction ) ‘Rapid Response Team’ is ready when you need them the most!  ESR’s water damage and extraction services in Florida are one of the best, efficient and cost effective ways to clean up your property after a serious accident. While most people decide to settle in Florida because of the option to live by the water as well as the beautiful climate, it can be problematic when this water invades your home. Prevention of flooding by checking your sump pump and by having a proper plan in place for storms and concerns is important. If all of your plans fail however and you have water in your home we at Emergency Services Reconstruction are the experts you should call.

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Emergency Services and Reconstruction from Oney uses a variety of professional techniques and industry-leading equipment to handle water extraction as well as manage water damage to any property. We can help to prevent mold as well as get your property back to a livable state once again.

Each of our water restoration specialists is highly trained and we provide 24 seven emergency services to assist with water damage and extraction. We can provide support for any size disaster this means that whether you have a large office that has flooded or just a water heater in your basement that caused trouble, we can send our qualified staff to you.

We closely document and monitor the entire water extraction process so that we can make sure the entire area is dried properly and safe for people to live in again. We can also remove most of the waste as a result of water damage.

We are constantly looking for new equipment that we can use for our water extraction services and we have a full-scale fleet of vehicles that are capable of hauling away the mess from any sized flood. We finish off the job with a number of sanitizing agents that prevent mold as well as deodorize the area to prevent a damp smell.

Contact our team today for more information on our water damage and extraction services.


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