Top 5 tips to hassle free Holiday Driving !

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Posted on Nov 03, 2011

Car check up
Be sure to have your car maintained before you leave. Make sure your tires are in good driving condition for winter roads. The last thing anyone wants is a ruined holiday due to an unexpected breakdown.

Plan ahead
Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination. If you’re driving to Thanksgiving dinner, leave an hour earlier than you normally would. If you’re flying, get to the airport at least two hours early. Like the shopping malls, the roads and airports are especially crowded this time of year. Take into consideration the kids will need to stop at rest stops. Also, be mindful that your course may change due to construction, road closings and holiday traffic.

Game time
Be sure to have a game plan as far as keeping the kiddies occupied. Bring books, toys and various activities relative to how long a drive is ahead of you. A new activity for each point of travel will help keep the kids entertained. Keep it fun, not a chore. Sing holiday songs, or reminisce about holidays past. Get the kids involved as well. Let them each choose a DVD or toy for the car ride.

Stay healthy
Wintertime is prime time for influenza. Winter travel can also be a contributor to colds and the flu this time of year. Bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands at all stops. Staying hydrated is important as well.

Safety first
Be sure to have a safety kit in the car. This can include an water,  jumper cables, blanket, flashlight, and  a first aid kit.


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