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Posted on Jul 28, 2017

Florida, Orlando more specifically is the lighting capitol of the world and we are in the middle of lightning season. Knowing how to protect your family, home or business during a lightning storm is very important. Many people don’t realize that a bolt of lightning can hit up to ten miles away from a thunderstorm. Lightning detectors can let you know when lightning is nearby, apps offered by news organizations like  WFTV,  CFNEWS13 and  Weather Underground can keep you informed of developing storms. Many organizations such as the National Weather Service and the Center For Disease Control offer free lightening safety information.

The power lightning possess is incredible. A single bolt of lightning can carry millions of volts and burn five times hotter than the surface of the sun. Every year, in addition to millions of dollars in damage, lightning strikes have tragic results, as in the case of twelve year old Jesse Watlington of Fort Myers, FL. While tragedies can’t always be avoided, being mindful of sudden weather changes and knowing what action to take can keep you and your family safe. During outdoor activities you should always stay aware of changing weather conditions.

When lightning strikes a structure it can cause an immediate fire in a home’s attic space, since the heat and smoke go up a neighbor or a passerby may see the flames before the occupants even realize there home is on fire. A strike can also smolder and not develop into a fire for many hours. If you believe your home has been struck by lightning, contact the fire department or dial 911. Local fire departments have thermal imaging cameras which they can use to locate hot spots before there is any sign of smoke or flames.

There are many companies that offer products that can help protect your home from lightning and most utility companies like Florida Power & Light offer equipment to their customers. It is also a good idea to have quality surge protectors on all electronics these can be purchased at most  retail stores like Walmart and Best Buy.

When and if you know of someone who has had property damaged by lightning, please refer them to ESRFL.COM (Emergency Services & Reconstruction) as we are leaders in this field. We offer 24/7 emergency response.


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