Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the more common questions our family of clients ask on a fairly regular basis. Surely you will have others and we ask that you write them down and ask each one. We will make sure you have a clear understanding of every facet of the services we are being asked to provide.
ESR, Emergency Services & Restoration was established in 1988 and is the oldest family owned full service catastrophe company in Central Florida. Founded and still managed by Blaine and LaDonna Oney.
If possible you should have your policy number but that is not required, most carriers can look up your policy with just your name and address.
NO, we have all work approved by your insurance company before it is done.
We at ESR have a dedicated team of professionals and nearly thirty years of experience. This experience is critical in capturing all of the repairs needed and justifying why those repairs are required to your insurance carrier. This experience is priceless when justifying repairs that the insurance adjuster may have overlooked or omitted.
Being an approved vendor takes years or sometimes decades. This does not mean that ESR works for the insurance companies best interest, what it means is we have been thoroughly evaluated and have demonstrated to be reputable, financially stable and performed the services for over ten years. It does us no good to shortcut your repairs, we are paid for our services if we cut corners then not only are you disappointed but we short ourselves.
These details can be checked at either or
Contractor license are issues in sequential order so the lower the number the longer it has been in use the higher the number the newer and less experienced the contractor is.
All of these things are viewed as a contractor paying to get the work, this is a felony under state law for each separate item or incident.