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Posted on May 26, 2017

Community minded? Absolutely! Emergency Services Reconstruction (ESR) cares!

For nearly thirty years Emergency Services & Reconstruction (ESR) has been helping families and businesses put their lives back together after catastrophes occur, working diligently to salvage and save personal belongings and repair their homes or businesses. While this is the business we are in, we never forget the lives that have been impacted by these events and perform these services with a deep sense of compassion, we realize “its not property… its personal”. It is in this spirit of giving that makes us very proud to partner with local business partners with their community outreach events.

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This month (May 2017), we partnered with Collins Insurance Agency, Walker Insurance & Financial Services and O’ Neal, Lee and West Insurance Agency sponsoring blood drives with Oneblood. These events are just a small way to give back to the community through a vital lifesaving effort as simple as donating blood. Just as a quality insurance agent is there for their customers and ESR is there when needed twenty-four hours a day when property owners are facing catastrophes such as water damage from a plumbing emergency or fire and smoke damage from a structure fire. Oneblood is there to ensures our local hospitals have the blood supplies needed, a supply that is especially critical when facing a mass casualty event like the one that occurred June 12, 2016 following the Pulse Night Club terror attack. Whether it is a tragic event such as the Pulse attack or just routine surgery the lifesaving blood donations prove to be priceless in saving lives. While it is the first responders such as the Orlando Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando Fire Department, Orange County Fire department and the men and women working tirelessly at the Orlando Health Trauma department and Florida Hospital who are the true heroes; their efforts would be much more difficult without the lifesaving blood donations. Donating blood on a regular basis is one way we can all be a hero. We are proud to partner with our great business partners throughout the year hosting blood and food drives to give back to our community.

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“It’s not just property, it’s personal.”


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