5 Steps to Cook a Turkey Without Burning Down the House

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Posted on Nov 11, 2011

This week, I began searching for a recipe to fry a turkey.  Everything from Paula Dean, Jive Turkey to Cajun Turkey.  How many ways is there to fry a turkey.  This I couldn’t say because I couldn’t get past the videos of how to fry a turkey.   America is a Turkey Talking country.  However, Allstate got it right when they stated that 15 out of 2 million caught there house on fire!  What, yes!   WATCH Now! 

Frying a turkey is going to need more than a recipe to season the bird!  We’re going to need some steps to keep the house from burning.

1. Start, by moving your cooking apparatus away from the house;  it must be done outdoors, away from children, pets and flammable products.
2. What to buy:   1.)the right container, here’s how to choose the right size pot:*26-quart: for frying a 12- to 14-pound turkey*34-quart: for frying a 14- to 20-pound turkey*40-quart: for turkeys larger than 20 pounds. 2)stand and or turkey lifter 3)meat thermometer 4)leather gloves (especially if frying) 5) gas, oil, wood chips, etc. 6) fire extinguisher 7) water or water hose close by 8) Salt.
3. Protective Clothing: Because grease splatters and can lead to bad burns, wear clothing that covers your whole body. 1) closed toed shoes or boots, 2) jeans 3)long sleeve short 4) gloves no matter the weather  outdoors.
4.  This is where your recipe starts.  Once that bird is seasoned, injected,  lowered, wrapped, stuck with a meat thermometer, rolled, boiled, fried, WHATEVER.. you get the picture.  Remember, turn off your cooking apparatus.
5.  Lastly, when you go inside to eat that you still have a large HOT “cooking apparatus” in the yard.   Make sure pets and kids can’t get to it.  Gas:  turn off the gas tank. Do not store inside your home or business.   Deep Fry:  the oil can be reused if it’s filtered.  Store the oil, tightly covered, away from heat. The oil does not keep indefinitely. Smell it before reusing to be sure it isn’t rancid.  Coals or Wood chips:  do not place hot coals or leftover burned chips in any plastic bucket and do not store inside your home or business.

Maybe,  we should stick to the rotisserie, WATCH TO VERY END.

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