11 Possible Causes for Pollution at Home

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Posted on Jan 12, 2012

Indoor air  can be two to five times more toxic than the outdoor air that you breath according to the EPA.    This making the environment hard to know if you have the flu or an air quality issue at home or in your office.   This list is not in any significant order.

1.   Carbon Monoxide – leakage from water heaters or gas stoves.  Solution:  Use a vented exhaust circular fan when cooking with gas.  Have all gas lines coming into your home every year.

2.   Air Fresheners – contains volatile chemicals.  Solution:  Set out bowls of backing soda or other natural deodorizers such as salts, charcoal, etc.

3.  Paint, paint strippers & Wax – Do not store these in your home PERIOD.  Solution:  Buy and use what you need and dispose of properly.

4.  Pesticides.  Solution:  Buy and use what you need; and dispose of balance properly.  Ventilate rooms when applying; if possible use a non-chemical form of pesticides.

5.  Formaldehyde – used in fabric such as drapes &  permanent press fabrics.  Solutions:    Read the label and look for natural fabrics verses permanent press.

6.  Perchloroethylene – chemical agent used in dry cleaning.  Solutions:  Ask your drycleaner if they uses Perchloroethylene, commonly called PERC,  and if they take steps to reduce.

7.  Chemicals in Flooring – usually only affected when installing new flooring; however if you have allergies it may linger.  Solutions:  Installer should lay outside or in a ventilated area before installing.

8.   Chlorine  & Amonia – NEVER mix the two.   Solutions:  Follow directions on all cleaning products.   It’s always best to find natural cleaners at home or buy natural cleaning products.

9.  Resins – common product used to make shelving, cabinetry and inexpensive put together furniture.  Solutions:  Buy solid wood products.

10. Mold Spores – grows in damp & dark places.  Solutions:  Immediately repair in water leaks indoors.  Run ventilation fans or turn your a/c on to reduce humidity.

And my most pet peeve:

11.  DUST –  loaded with pollen, animal dander, dust mites, tobacco & cooking smoke.  Solutions:  #1 consistently change a/c  and/or furnace filters.  Pick a day in the month that you will not forget like when you pay bills, etc.  #2 Vacuum regularly.

You can protect your health with these 11 tips.  Symptoms you could be saving yourself from are frequent headaches,  eye, skin and throat irritations, confusion, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory ailments, hay-fever type symptoms, adult-onset asthma. When it comes to Carbon monoxide it could result in death; any of these in high concentrations could lead to death.

So, check out what’s in your house.  When in doubt call a professional.


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